Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Howard, Charles, Lord Howard of Effingham, and, later, Earl of Nottingham, seaman and statesman, was son of William, first Lord Howard of Effingham, and grandson of the second Duke of Norfolk, and was born in 1536. In 1569 he held a military command during the Northern Rebellion. In the following year, however, he was made an admiral, and, though a Roman Catholic, was created a K.G. and Lord Chamberlain in 1574, and Lord High Admiral of England in 1585. In the 'following year he was one of the commissioners for the trial of Mary Queen of Scots, whose execution he strongly advocated. In 1588 he commanded in chief, with conspicuous ability and success, against the Spanish Armada, with his flag in the Ark Royal; and in 1596 he led the naval attack upon Cadiz, and , for his services was in 1597 created Earl of Nottingham. In 1599, as an additional reward, he was made Lord-Lieutenant-General of All England. In 1601 he helped to suppress Essex's rebellion, and in 1605 he went as ambassador-extraordinary to Spain. These were his last services of importance. He died in 1624.