Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Horne, Richard Henry (1803-84), poet and dramatist, was born in London. After serving in the Mexican, navy in the war against Spain, he settled in London as a literary man, and in 1828 contributed to the Atheneeum. a poem called Hecatompylos. His epic Orion (1843) was published at the price of one farthing. In 1844 appeared A New Spirit of the Age, a volume of critical essays written in conjunction with Mrs. Browning and Robert Bell. The years 1852-69 were passed in Australia, where he held numerous posts, chiefly in connection with the gold-fields.

Horne's literary merits, which are incontestable, have never been recognised by the general public. Even Orion is little read, and his numerous other works are almost completely forgotten.