Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hornby, Sir Phipps, naval officer, born in 1785, served with Nelson and on shore at the defence of Gaeta, and was made a commander in 1806 and a captain in 1810. He greatly distinguished himself in the defence of Sicily, and more especially in Hoste's victory off Lissa, in which he was wounded. After attaining flag-rank in 1846, he was controller-general of the Coastguard and commander-in-chief in the Pacific, with his flag in the Asia. He died an admiral in 1867. His son, Sir Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby, born in 1825, became a captain in 1852, and attained flag-rank in 1869. He early gained extraordinary reputation as a tactician, and, after holding minor commands, was commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean, a lord of the Admiralty, commander-in-chief at Portsmouth 1882-85, and commander of the Particular Service Squadron 1885.