Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hopson, or Hopsonn, Sir Thomas, English seaman, born in 1642 at Bonchurch. Isle of Wight, ran away to sea at an early age, and by 1672 found himself second lieutenant of the Dreadnought. He was made a captain in 1678, served in the York at the battle of Beachy Head, and soon afterwards was appointed rear-admiral. With his flag in the Breda he was second in command of Sir George Rooke's unfortunate convoy to the Straits. He subsequently, as vice-admiral, commanded at the blockade of Dunkirk, and, in the second post, in Rooke's expedition to Cadiz and Vigo. At Vigo, in the Torbay, he led the van with great gallantry, and broke the boom under a frightful fire. His ship was so severely mauled that he had to transfer his flag- to the Monmouth. He died in 1717. It is said that Hopson, when a boy, climbed from the mainyard of his own ship to the main-topgallant mast-head of an enemy's ship that was in .action alongside, and hauled down her colours.