Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hooper, John (d. 1555), English martyr, was born in Somersetshire. After leaving Oxford he entered a Cistercian monastery at Gloucester, and on the dissolution proceeded to London, where he became influenced by the writings of Zwingli and Bullinger. The Protestant views he now formed compelled him to flee to France in 1539, and, with but a slight interval, he remained abroad for the next ten years, residing at Zurich from 1547 to 1549. After his return "to England he became a prominent leader of the advanced Protestant section, and was appointed Bishop of Gloucester in 1550 and of Worcester in 1552. On the accession of Mary he was sent to the Fleet, and after eighteen months' imprisonment tried and convicted of heresy. He was burnt at Gloucester, February 9, 1555.