Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Hobart Pasha

Hobart Pasha, the Hon. Augustus Hobaet-Hampden, third son of the sixth Earl of Buckinghamshire, was born in 1822, and entered the Royal Navy early, serving with gallantry in the suppression of the slave-trade until 1845, when he was appointed to the royal yacht. In the Crimeanlljgir he obtained active command of the Driver, and did good work at Bomarsund and Sveaborg. Retiring on half-pay in 1860, he took a spell of blockaderunning on the coast of North Carolina, and at the end of the War of Secession offered his services to Turkey, and suppressed the Cretan insurrection of 1867. He was now made a Turkish admiral, and undertook the reorganisation of the Sultan's navy; but as he was employed against our allies, the Greeks, his name was struck off our Navy List, and not restored until 1874. However, he incurred the same penalty three years later, when he had to command the Ottoman fleet during the Russian invasion. In 1881 he was created Mushir and Marshal of the Empire, and in 1885 not only was he recognised by our service, but he further received the rank of vice-admiral. He died very suddenly in 1887.