Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hincmar, Archbishop, born of noble Frankish blood about 806, was educated for the priesthood at St. Denis, of which foundation he became canon, acquiring also considerable influence :it the courts of Louis the Pious and Charles the Bald, until in 845 he was elevated to the see of Rheims on the deposition of Ebo. The Pope confirmed his election, but when he proceeded to depose some of the clergy ordained by his rival, especially the Bishop of Soissons, Pope Nicholas I. interfered, and the Isidorian decretals were issued, materially advancing the authority of Rome; but the archbishop subsequently, in defiance of Adrian II. and the Emperor, crowned Charles as King of Lorraine, and severely punished the rebellion of his nephew, the Bishop of Laon. Many years of his life, which ended at Epernay in 882, were spent in a controversy with Gottschalk (q.v.) on predestination, and he wrote on this subject several treatises with the aid of John Scotus Erigena.