Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hillel, Hazzaken, or "the Elder," a Jewish rabbi of Davidic stock, was born at Babylon, probably about 75 B.C., though some traditions fix the date as 112. His zeal for the study of the law was so strong that he made his way to Jerusalem, and, whilst working as a day-labourer, contrived to attend the Beth-Midrash, and ultimately rose to be president of the Sanhedrim with the title of Nasi or prince. To him are ascribed the seven Middoth, or rules of interpretation, and the Prosbol, in both of which he endeavoured to adapt the stiff precepts of Judaism to the needs of progressive society. He is identified by some with the Pollion of Josephus, and is said to have been the grandfather of Gamaliel I. Our only authority, however, for the meagre outline of his career is the Talmud. He died about 10 A.D.