Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Hill Aaron

Hill, Aaron, was born in London in 1685. At the age of fifteen joined his kinsman, Lord Paget, then ambassador at Constantinople, under whose auspices he saw all the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Coming home in 1709 he wrote a History of the Ottoman Empire and a poem entitled Camillus, in praise of Lord Peterborough. He soon afterwards became manager of Drury Lane, moving afterwards to the Haymarket opera house. Before he lost these posts through his own folly, he wrote 17 dramas, of which Elfrid or the Fair Inconstant, Zara, and Merope, were the most successful. He also composed the libretto of Rinaldo for Handel. Pope gave him a place in the Duneiad, and was sharply attacked in return. Dying about 1750, he found a grave in Westminster Abbey.