Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Heywood John

Heywood, John (circa 1500-66), an English dramatist, was born probably at St. Albans, and was educated at Oxford. He made the acquaintance of Sir Thomas More, and was by him introduced to the Princess Mary, becoming a favourite at Henry VIII.'s court and at that of Mary I. After her death he retired to Malines, where he died. He is notable as marking the transition from the old miracle plays to the Elizabethan drama. He wrote plays and poems, and made a collection of (proverbs. His earliest play was printed in 1533, and was entitled The Pardoner and the Frere: the Curate and Neighbour Pratfe. Another work was the Spider and- Fly, a parable of Catholics and Protestants. An edition of his works was issued in 1562.