Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Hermes Geoeg

Hermes, Geoeg (1775-1831), a German theologian, was born in Westphalia. In 1792 he studied theology at Miinicb, and in 1807 became professor of dogmatic theology in the university, and tried to carry out in a measure the principles of Kant, though he defended Christian dogma against them.

In 1820 he became professor of Catholic theology at Bonn, and lectured with a view to reconciling Catholics and Protestants. His views took the name of Hermesianism, and his disciples started a magazine to embody them. In 1835 his views were condemned as heretical. He founded revelation on reason, bat held that reason cannot prove dogmas.

In 1819 he published Philosophical Introduction to Christian Catholic Theology.