Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Herbert Sidney

Herbert, Sidney, afterwards Lord Herbert of Lea (1810-1861), an English statesman, was the second son of the eleventh Earl of Pembroke, and was born at Richmond in Surrey, his mother being a Russian lady. He was educated at Harrow, and at Oriel College. Oxford, and in 1832 entered Parliament as member for North Wilts in the Conservative interest. In 1841 he became Secretary to the Admiralty and in 1845 he was Secretary for War under Peel, and in the Cabinet. He became an advocate of free trade, and retired with Peel in 1846. He was a member of the Aberdeen Cabinet in 1852, and was Secretary for War till 1855, when he retired with his leader over the question of the Crimean War. In 1859 he was Secretary for War in Lord Palmerston's Government. In 1861 he went to the House of Lords, but his health was broken down. He lived at Wilton near Salisbury, and the striking churcli which he built there is well known.