Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Herbert Edward

Herbert, Edward, commonly known as Lord Herbert of Cherbury (1581-1648), an English author, was born at Montgomery Castle, ami at an early age was entered as a gentleman commoner of University College, Oxford. In 1600 he was in London, and was knighted after marrying the heiress of another branch of his own family. He then went abroad till 1607, living a romantic and adventurous life. In 1609 he went abroad to take service with the Prince of Orange, and was again in the Low Countries with him in 1614. In 1618 he went to France as ambassador, but some arrogance of conduct led to his recall, though he returned to Paris after the death of the Constable Luynes. In 1624 he produced in Paris his chief work on Natural Religion, in which he argued that revelation was not needed. In 1625 he was made an Irish peer, and in 1631 an English baron. In the early part of the struggle between king and people he was inclined to the Parliamentarian side, but afterwards adopted the Royalist cause, and suffered considerably for his loyalty. He wrote also Poems (published 1665). Memoirs (published 1764), and a Life and Reign of Henrg VIII. and a work De Religione Gentilium, which was published after his death.