Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Henry IIIThe Black

Henry III., "The Black," Holy Roman Emperor, son of Conrad II., was born in 1017, and succeeded to the imperial dignity in 1039. His power was supreme both at home and abroad. He kept in his own hands the duchies of Franconia and Suabia, whilst the others were either left vacant or given to relatives, and his control over ecclesiastical fiefs was equally complete. Internal peace was maintained with the strong hand. In Rome the emperor was more absolute than any German prince had hitherto been. He deposed three Antipopes, and appointed Clement II. in 1042 to the Papal chair; and was granted the right of nominating future Popes by the Synod and the title of Hereditary Patrician. He also maintained his feudal superiority over Hungary, which he compelled to pay tribute. Henry III. died in 1056.