Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hengstenberg, Ernest Wilhelm (1802-69), a German theologian of the orthodox school, was born at Frondenberg, Westphalia. While studying philosophy and Oriental subjects at Bonn, he also took great interest in the Burschenschaft movements. It was at Berlin in 1824 that he first adopted the orthodox position. In 1826 he became extraordinary, and two years later ordinary professor of theology at that university. His reactionary Evangelische Kirchenzeitung was begun in 1827. Most of his works have been translated into English, amongst them being Die Biicher Mosis unit Aegypten (1841), and commentaries on the Psalms, St. John, and the Apocalypse. Hengstenberg opposed the union of the Lutheran and Reformed Churches, and attempted to obtain the removal of Professors Gesenius, De Wette, and other Rationalists and so-called Rationalists from their chairs.