Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Heilbronn, a town in Wurtemberg, 28 miles N. of Stuttgart, stands on the right bank of the Neckar. It is a very old place, and the streets have still a mediaeval air about them. In 1360 it became an Imperial town, and after much suffering in war, fell to Wurtemberg in 1802. The chief objects of interest in it are the church of St. Kilian, the town-hall, and the "Thief's Tower" (Diebsthurm), in which Gotz von Berlichingen was imprisoned; what is now a barrack was formerly the hall of the Teutonic Knights. Silver-plate, chemicals, and paper are made here; and a large grocery trade is carried on. There are also fairs in which cattle, fruit, wool, and leather are sold.