Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hecatseus (Hekataios) of Miletus, "the logographer," an early Greek writer, died probably about 476 B.C. Some time before the Ionian revolt, against which he in vain remonstrated, he travelled in Egypt, and throughout the Persian Empire. He embodied the results in two works, the Periegesis and the Historiw. The former was a description of Europe, Asia Minor, Egypt, and Libya; the latter, an account in the form of genealogies (hence its alternative title Genealogies), of Greek fables and traditions. Herodotus made much use of these works, but controverted some of their statements. The fragments, which remain, have been collected and edited by Creuzer, Klausen, and C. and T. Muller.