Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Haynau, Julius Baron von (1786-1853), an Austrian general, whose name became notorious, was born at Cassel. For his severities in the campaign of 1848-49 in Italy he gained the name of the "Hyeena of Brescia," and in crushing the Hungarian rising which followed, showed equal ruthlessness. He entered the Austrian service in 1801, and became field-marshal in 1844. In spite of his distinguished services in the Hungarian war, when he stormed Raab and won several battles on the Meiss, he was dismissed the service for "intractability" in 1850. He then travelled, and during a visit to London was assaulted at the brewery of Barclay and Perkins. He denied the charges of flogging women, and a biography by Baron Schonhals attempted a general defence of his character.