Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Havelock, Sir Henry (1795-1857), a gallant British officer, was the son of a Sunderland shipbuilder. He was at the Charterhouse with Grote, Connop Thirlwall, and Julius Hare. He obtained in 1815 a commission in the 95th foot. In 1822 he exchanged into the 13th, in order to go to India, and a year after his arrival was appointed deputy-assistant-adjutant general to the army in Burmah.

He published an account of the first Afghan War as he had done of the Burmese expedition. He was appointed Persian interpreter by Elphinstone, and accompanied Sir Robert Sale "in the following campaign. He was next named deputy-adjutant general by Pollock, and was made C.B. in 1842 for his services throughout the war. In the first Sikh War he was present at Mudki (where he had two horses shot under him), and also at Ferozeshah and Sobraon. In 1849 he went to England on sick leave, and returned two years later. In 1854 he was named quarter-master-general in India, and shortly after adjutant-general. He commanded a division under Outram in the Persian War. On the outbreak of the Mutiny he was sent to Allahabad in command of a division. From this city he set out to relieve Cawnpore, which he accomplished after defeating the Sepoys at Futtehpore and Aong.

He had marched 126 miles in the height of summer, and won four victories on the way. After providing for the health of the troops he next advanced to relieve Lucknow. On July 29 he won a victory at Onao, and on the same day stormed Busseerutgunge.

He was compelled, however, to fall back, owing to the bad health of his troops and the want of ammunition, and to secure his retreat had to fight another battle. He was now superseded by Outram, who, however, determined to serve under him until the work of relieving- Lucknow had been carried out. On arriving there on September 26th after much hard fighting, they could only reinforce the garrison, but were soon relieved by Sir Colin Campbell. Havelock was created K.C.B., but died on November 20th.