Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hanensha, a historical Arabo-Berber people, province of Constantine, Algeria, Upper Mejerda Valley, and about the head waters of the Seybouse. At present reduced to about 10,000, they were formerly very powerful, and in the 16th century the Hanensha Confederacy ruled over most of Constantine and a great part of the neighbouring territory of Tunisia. The Confederacy, which long held out against the Deys of Algeria, was ruled by a member of the Harar family, with the title of Sheikh, whose alliance was sought far and wide and whose residence was the stronghold of Kalaates-Snam, in Tunisia. Originally of pure Berber stock, they have been largely assimilated to the Arabs in speech, appearance, and religion, since the great Hilala invasion of the llth century. Before that time most of them are said to have adopted the Jewish religion, and many were certainly Christians during the Roman sway. Since the French occupation they have been organised in the three dwars (communes) of Hanensha, Zaruria, and Tifesh.