Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Hamilton Sir Charles

Hamilton, Sir Charles, Bart., elder brother of Sir Edward Hamilton, Bart., was born in 1767 and entered the navy in 1776. He shared in Cornwallis's action in 1780, and in the operations by Nelson off Calvi in 1794. In 1799 he was second in command of the expedition to the Helder, and in 1800, as commodore on the coast of Africa, captured Goree. He became a rear-admiral in 1810, a vice-admiral in 1814, and an admiral in 1830. From 1810 to 1814 he was commander-inchief in the Thames, and from 1818 to 1824 governor and commander-in-chief at Newfoundland. He died in 1849.