Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Halevy Joseph

Halevy, Joseph (b. 1827), French traveller and Orientalist, was born at Adrianople. He went through Abyssinia in 1868, and in the two following years collected for the French Academy while travelling in Yemen over 800 Sabaean inscriptions. Besides descriptions of his travels, be has published Etudes sur la Syllabaire Cuneiforme (1876), Recherches Critiques sur l'Origins de la Civilisation Babylonienne (1877), and other works on kindred subjects.

“Not a drop of rain falls in the sandy desert or on the barren rock, however useless it may seem to be, that is not seen to be of value by God, and that is not designated to accomplish some important purpose there.”
–Albert Barnes, Notes, Job 38:26