Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Guthrie, Thomas, D.D. (1803-1873), a Scottish preacher and philanthropist, was born at Brechin, and went to school there, afterwards proceeding to the university of Edinburgh, where he studied for ten years. In 1826 he went to Paris, where he studied anatomy, and in 1830 he was ordained and married. He did much for his parishioners, starting a savings-bank, a Sunday school, and a library. In 1837 he was called to Edinburgh, where he made a great mark as a preacher. In the great split of the Church he threw in his lot with the Free Church. He did good work for his poor, being greatly instrumental in bringing about the Scottish Education Act, establishing ragged schools, and he was an earnest though not bigoted advocate for total abstinence from strong liquors. He retired in 1864. Besides publishing many works, he long edited the Sunday Magazine, and was a frequent contributor to Good Words.