Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Gujars, a widespread nomad Arvanised people of Northern India scattered over the North-Western Provinces and parts of Kashmir. Tall, gaunt figures, forehead and lower part of the face narrow, nose curved, light eyes, scant beard. Those of the Budil district, Kashmir, seem to have a peculiar idiom of Non-Aryan type, but all the rest speak the languages of their more permanent winter homes. "Thus there are Gujars in Kashmir who speak Kashmiri, while those who came to the middle mountains speak a mixed dialect of Panjabi, or Dogri and Pahari" (F. Drew, Jammoo and Kashmir, p. 110). The Gujars are probably of Jeit stock; those of Peshetwar, who are Mohammedans, form "khels" or tribal groups like their neighbouring Afgheins.