Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Goa, a city and territory on the Malabar coast of Hindostan, about 250 miles south of Bombay, with an area of 1,262 square miles. It was captured by Albuquerque in 1510, and is still held by the Portuguese. Rice is largely grown, but part of the province is covered by forest. At Goa are a fine cathedral and a church in which Xavier was buried; but the seat of government is at Panjim or Nova Goa, three miles farther west. In 1871 there was a rebellion, after which the native army was disbanded. The inhabitants are a mixed race, and are very dark-featured. A Portuguese patois is the usual language, but in a few families pure Portuguese is spoken. Roman .Catholicism is almost universally professed.