Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Glycine, or Glycocol, is a substance of composition, CH2(NH2)COOH, i.e. amido-acetic acid. It possesses acid properties owing to the presence of the acid group COOH, but the amido group, NH2, bestows upon it basic properties also, so that it can be combined with either base or acid. It form's large crystals belonging to the rhombic system, is soluble in water, and possesses a sweet taste. It may be readily prepared from acetic acid, and by many reactions, and is a product of the decomposition of many animal substances. It is present in the bile combined with another acid, glycholic acid, to form glyco-cholic acid, and is formed also in combination with benzoic acid in the urine of horses (hippuric acid). It is also closely related to the substance Leucine which occurs in many of the juices of the animal body.