Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Glutton (Gulo luscus), the largest of the weasel family, and the sole species of its genus. It is a native of the northern parts of both hemispheres, and the American form is generally called the Wolverene. The body is thick-set, with short limbs, and a broad, rounded head; the total length is a little over three feet, of which something less than a quarter goes for the tail. The chestnut-brown under-fur varies much in quality, but when fine and glossy is highly valued; the longer hair is dark-brown or black with a pale redehsh-brown band on each side. There is no anal pouch, but the animal emits a musky- smelling liquid when attacked. Gluttons are flesh-feeders, preying on smaller mammals, especially on fox-cubs, but they do not disdain to steal the bait from hunter's traps. These animals are not more gluttonous than other carnivores, and the tales told of their ferocity have no foundation in fact.