Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Globulin. The "Globulins" form together a division of those nitrogenous substances known as albuminoids. They are distinguished from other groups of these substances by being (1) insoluble in water, but (2) soluble in dilute acids, alkalies, and solutions of salts. The chief members of the division are Myosin, contained in muscle; Fibrinogen, in the blood; Vitellin, in yellow of egg; and Hcemaglobulin, in the blood. The latter is frequently called serum, globulin, or simply globulin. It may be obtained by passing a stream of carbonic acid through the serum of the blood. It is then obtained as a white, granular powder, possessing the properties mentioned above, and coagulates if its solution be warmed to 70° C.