Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Garnett, Richard

Garnett, Richard (1789-1853), an English philologist, was born at Otley in Yorkshire, and was educated at the grammar school there, and learnt, besides French, Italian and German. In 1811 he became assistant-master in a school at Southwell, and learnt Greek, Latin, Divinity, and took orders. In 1838 he was appointed assistant-keeper of printed books in the British Museum. He gave special attention to Keltic, and wrote many articles in the Quarterly Review, and contributed to the Transactions of the Philological Society, of which he was a member. Among his works are treatises on The Languages and Dialects of the British Isles. on The Nature and Analysis of the Verb, and a paper on The Formation of Ice at the Bottom cf Water.