Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Garhwali, the natives of British and Independent Garhwal, West Thibet, who are of Thibetan (Mongolic) stock, but Aryan (Caucasic) speech, now speaking Neo-Sanskritic dialects closely related to Kashmiri. Here are also the Rongbo, and north of them the Kohli, Kakka, Gakar, A van, and Janju peoples, all of mixed Indo-Thibetan stock, in which the Hindu element largely prevails. The native Rajputs, collectively known as Rhasiya, have lost caste by mixture with non-Aryan populations. The Avans (Awans) are supposed by some ethnologists to be descended of the Yavana - that is, Ionians or Greeks, settled in this region at the time of the Macedonian invasion.