Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Gardiner, Samuel

Gardiner, Samuel, historian, was born in 1829 in Hampshire, and was educated at Winchester and Christ Church. He then became Professor of Modern History at King's College, London, till in 1885 he was elected Fellow of All Souls'. His historical studies chiefly dealt with the time of James I. and Charles I., and his work is divided into these periods; James I. to the Disgrace of Coke, Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage Schemes, England under the Duke of Buckingham and Charles I., The Personal Government of Charles I., and the Fall of the Monarchy of Charles I. (only to 1642); all of which were afterwards gathered into ten volumes of History of England. He has written other historical works, and collaborated in an Introduction to English History, and also edited several works for the Camden Society.