Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ganteaume, Honore, a very distinguished French sailor, was born at La Ciotat in 1755, and commanded the Trente-et-un Mai on the Glorious First of June, 1794, and as chef-de-division in the Mont-Blanc, 74, a squadron which escaped from Toulon in 1795. He was subsequently one of the commanders of the Invasion Flotilla, was captain of the fleet to Vice-Admiral Brueys at the seizure of Malta and at the battle of the Nile, and as rear-admiral, in the Muiron, brought back Bonaparte from Egypt. In 1801 he commanded the expeditionary fleet to Egypt, and, in 1802, a division of the expedition to St. Domingo. As vice-admiral he commanded the Brest Fleet in 1804, the Toulon Fleet in 1808, and a still larger Toulon Fleet in 1809. One of the bravest and most capable admirals in the French service, his death, in 1818, was regarded, as a national catastrophe.