Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Gamopetalae, or Corolliflor.e, a sub-class of Dicotyledones (q.v.), in many respects more highly organised them either the Thalamifloree (q.v.) or Calyciflorae (q.v.). It is characterised by complete and perfect, flowers having usually five united sepals, five united petals, five epipetalous stamens, and two united carpels, but exceptional apetalous, polypetalous, and unisexual cases occur. The subclass is divided into two series, the Hypogynce, with a superior ovary, including Labiatee, Scrophulariaceee, Convolvulaoeae, Solanaoeae, lloraginaceee, Gentianaceee. Oleaoeae, and Ericaoeae; and the Epigyncr, with an inferior ovary, including the Canipanulaceee, Compcsitre (q.v.), Rubiaceee, and Caprifoliaoeae.