Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Gallipoli (1) (ancient Kallipolis), is a seaport of Turkey in Europe, at the N.E. extremity of the Dardanelles, on a peninsula, 90 miles S. of Adrianople, and 130 miles S.W. of Constantinople. It is a poor town, but has good bazaars, some mosques, and Roman and Byzantine remains. It is a key of the Dardanelles, and was occupied and strengthened by the English and French in 1854. There is a lighthouse on the cliff. (2) A seaport of South Italy, in the province of Lecce, 25 miles N.E. of that city and 50 miles S. of Brindisi. It is on a rocky isle to the E. of the Gulf of Taranto. and a bridge of 12 arches unites it to the mainland. It has a cathedral, a castle built by Charles III. of Anjou, and huge underground cisterns, hewn in the rock, for storing the olive oil produced in the district. There is a good deal of tunny-fishing.