Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Galen, an ancient medical writer (circ. 130-200 A.D.), was born in Mysia. He was trained in the Stoic philosophy, and was proficient in logic, on which he wrote much - only one, however, of his treatises (that on Certain Fallacies) being extant. In 146 he began the study of medicine, and went to Smyrna to follow up the subject. In 158 he returned to his native town, Pergamus. In 164 he went to Rome, where he acquired a good practice and a great reputation for learning. In 170 he accompanied Marcus Aurelius to Rome, and was made medical guardian of his son, Commodus, and here he died at 70. He is said to have written as many as 500 treatises. On many medical points he is still an authority.