Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Galelas, an enterprising people of North Jilolo, Eastern Archipelago, who belong to the Indonesian division of the Malayo-Polynesian races. "They build large and roomy praus with outriggers, and settle on any coast or island they take a fancy for. They hunt deer and wild pig, drying the meat; they catch turtle and tripang; they cut down the forest, and plant rice or maize, and are altogether remarkably energetic and industrious. They are a very fine people, of light complexion, tall and with Papuan features, coming nearer to the drawings and descriptions of the true Polynesians of Tahiti and Owyhee than any I have seen" (A. R. Wallace, The Malay Archipelago, 5th ed., p. 325). Those, who are classed by the Malays as "Alfuros" - that is to say, non-Mohammedans or Pagans, speak a distinct language, which shows scarcely any resemblance to the Malayan group.