Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Galago, a genus of African Lemurs, with 14 species, often distributed into sub-genera, ranging from Senegal and Fernando Po across the continent to Zanzibar and southwards to Natal. The name is also applied to any individual of the genus. They are arboreal nocturnal animals, clothed in soft woolly fur, with bushy tails longer than the body, and large naked ears, feeding on fruit, insects, and small birds and mammals. The hind limbs are longer and stronger than the fore limbs; and there are nails on all the digits except on the second toe, which is armed with a claw. The largest, G. crassicaudatus, is about the size of a cat, and the smallest, G. murinus, said to be gregarious, is no larger than a rat.