Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Gadsden, (1) Christopher (1724-1805). was born at Charleston in South Carolina, United States, and, after being educated in England, became a merchant in Philadelphia. He was a member (1774) of the first Congress, and during the war became brigadier-general and lieutenant-governor of South Carolina, and was for a time prisoner in the hands of the British. (2) James, grandson of the above (1788-1858), was born at Charleston, and served in the war against the British in 1812 and against the Indians. His name was given to a portion of territory which, under a treaty negotiated by him, the Government bought in what are now Arizona and New Mexico.

“Walk as on the borders of the invisible world.”
–Robert Hawker Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portions, July 17