Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Froebelor Frobel Friedrich Wilhelm

Froebel, or Frobel, Friedrich Wilhelm August, was born near Blankenburg in Thuringia in 1782. His early career included some years of military service. In 1826 he published his views on education, since so widely adopted, in a work entitled Bie Menschenerziehung. Ten years later he established at Blankenburg the first Kindergarten, afterwards moving to Marienthal, where he died in 1852. His idea of combining physical, moral, and intellectual training in a system which should be applicable without pain or fatigue to children from the tenderest age, was derived from Pestalozzi. Though Frobel was ridiculed in his lifetime, his principles have steadily gained ground, and a society bearing his name has been founded for their advancement.