Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Friesland or Vriesland, the most northerly province of Holland, lies upon the shore of the Zuyder Zee and North Sea, and is bounded inland by the provinces of Drenthe, Groningen, and Over-Yssel. It has an area of 1,281 square miles, being, for the most part, flat and below the level of the sea, which is kept out by huge dykes. The soil consists largely of sandy heaths, diversified by lakes, peat-bogs, and a few forests. The pastures in the N. and W. support herds of cattle, the principal source of prosperity, except fishing and flax-growing. The province, which includes the islands of Ameland, Terschelling, and Schiermonnikoog, is composed of three divisions - Leeuwarden, Heerenveen, and Sneek. Besides the capital, Leeuwarden, the chief towns are Harlingen, Sneek, Bolsward, and Dokkum. [B'risians.]