Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Frederick, the name of seven Danish kings.

Frederick III. (1609-70) was granted absolute power by the Diet in 1660, after which the crown became hereditary in his family. Frederick IV. (1671-1730) was engaged in a lifelong war with Sweden, whose territories in North Germany he invaded. Frederick V. (1723-66) increased the trade of Denmark by the establishment of an Asiatic -Company and by making the American trade free to all his subjects; while he also encouraged the arts and sent an exploring expedition to Egypt and the East. Frederick VI. (1768-1839) came to the throne in 1808, after having been Regent some years, during which time he joined the Armed Neutrality and the Continental System, and saw his capital bombarded in consequence. He supported Napoleon throughout, and had to cede Norway in 1814 to Sweden. In his reign serfdom was abolished, and the slave trade in Danish colonies prohibited. Frederick VII. (1808-1863) succeeded Christian VIII. in 1848, had to acknowledge the independence of Schleswig - Holstein, and abandoned the Sound dues for a sum of money.