Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Franzos, Karl Emil (b. 1843), an Austrian novelist, son of a Polish Jew, was born in Russian Podolia, and educated at Czortcow, Galicia, which he left to study law at Gratz and Vienna. For a few years he practised at the bar in the Austrian capital, but subsequently supported himself by journalism. He gave a popular description of his travels in Semi-Asiatic Life: Pictures of Civilisation in Galicia, the Bnltomina, South Russia, and .Roumania, and wrote many novels dealing with Jewish life. Chief among these are The Jews of Barnow, translated into English by M. W. Macdonald in 1882; For the Right (translated in 1887); and Tragisclte Novellen (Tragic Tales).