Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Foy, Maximilien Sebastien (1775-1825), a French general and politician, was born at Ham. Joining the army in 1791, he fought in the Army of the North, and later distinguished himself in the Rhine and Moselle campaigns. In 1801 he commanded the vanguard of the army of Italy, in 1805 commanded artillery in Austria, and in 1807 went to Turkey to oppose the British and Russians. He then fought with distinction in the Peninsula, and as commander of a division received his fifteenth wound at Waterloo. In 1819 he was returned as deputy for the Aisne department, and distinguished himself as a speaker. He was a Liberal in politics, and a great advocate of civil liberty. Some of his speeches have been published, and his wife wrote a history of the Peninsular War from his papers.