Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Fox Indians

Fox Indians (Outtagaumie), a western branch of the Algonquian family, who have long been associated with the kindred Sacs (Sauks). After the expulsion of the latter from the Upper St. Lawrence river by the Iroquois, they escaped westwards along the southern shores of the great lakes; but, being still pursued by their implacable enemies, they withdrew to the Green Bay district, Lake Michigan. Here they were joined by the Foxes from the Upper Mississippi, and soon after the two confederate tribes established themselves in the Rock River Valley. Later they were removed by the American Government, some to Iowa, some to Indian Territory. The latter, reduced, according to Flemming, to less than a hundred in 1889, have hitherto rejected all civilising influences, while those of Iowa, numbering about 500 in Tama and Toledo counties, have abandoned most of their tribal usages and become peaceful agriculturists. In 1891 the reserve of the Sacs and Foxes, E. of Oklahoma in Indian Territory, was thrown open to colonisation, so that this division of the two allied tribes may now be regarded as extinct or absorbed in the general population.