Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Fourier Francois Marie Charles

Fourier, Francois Marie Charles (1772-1837), a noted French Socialistic theoriser, was born at .Besancon. His father left him a small fortune, and he embarked in business first at Rouen and then at Lyons. During the Revolution he was a conscript. Afterwards in business employ at Marseilles, he took a disgust for trade, and determined to give all his attention to forming Socialistic plans. His idea of Phalansteries, in which each man's natural inclination (aided by emulation and sexual sentiment), was to determine his work, and each should work for the common good, without, however, the dead level of equal interest and equal property, is set forth in his treatise upon L'Association Domestique Agricole. Eventually he became insane. Though many of his schemes were wildly absurd, he was among the first to observe the great benefits of co-operation and the concentration of industry. Unsuccessful attempts were made in France and America to carry out his views.