Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Forli (Lat. Forum Livii), a province and town of Northern Italy, formerly belonging to the States of the Church. The province contains 716 square miles, and has in the W. some low spurs of the Apennines, while in the N. it is flat, and there are malarious swamps along the coast. The chief productions are corn, hemp, flax, madder, saffron, anise, wine, olives, and fruit. Bees and silkworms are reared, and the fisheries are good. Sulphur occurs in great abundance, and is an article of export. The railway from Milan to Ancona passes through the province. The town lies in a fertile plain between the Montone and Ronce rivers, and is 50 miles S.E. of Bologna. It is well built, with broad streets and a central square.