Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Flying Lemurs

Flying Lemurs, an aberrant family (Galeopithecida?), sometimes classed with the insectivora, but really linking them with the Bats, and having also marsupial affinities. Galeopitltecus volans, probably the only species, from the Indian Archipelago, is about 20 inches long, of lemur-like appearance, clothed in soft fur, dark coloured and mottled with white above, tawny grey below. It is nocturnal in habit, and the diet is chiefly vegetable, varied with insects and small birds. It climbs well, and passes from tree to tree by its "flying" apparatus, which consists of a patagium, to which are added antebrachial and interfemoral membranes as in-the Bats (q.v.), and there are membranes between the digits. Wallace saw one glide through the air for about 70 yards. G. philippinensis. from the Philippines, is sometimes made a distinct species.