Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Flaminian Way

Flaminian Way (Via Flaminia) was made by the Censor C. Flaminius in 220 B.C. It ran northwards from Rome through Narnia and Spoletium and over the Apennines to Fanum Fortunae on the Adriatic, whence it skirted the coast to Ariminum. It was continued through Cisalpine Gaul under the title of Via AEmilia.

Plamsteed, John (1646-1719), the first English Astronomer Royal, was born at Denby near Derby, He was educated at a free school, and showed great aptitude for mathematics, astronomy, and the making of mathematical instruments. In 1667 he wrote a paper upon the equation of time, and in 1673 he wrote upon the real and apparent distance of planets. Charles II. made him Astronomer Royal, and he observed at the Queen's house at Greenwich till the Observatory was built. His Atlas Ccelestis was published in 1753, and he took a greeit part in preparing material for the Historia Ccelestis. In his later years he was involved in a quarrel with Newton and Halley, but opinion has been much divided as to the relative. merits of the disputants.