Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Fiume, a free town, and port of Hungary, on the Recina, at the N. of the Gulf of Quarnero, 46 miles S.E. of Trieste. There is an old town situated upon a hill, and a new town lying along the shore. There are two railways, and two harbours, which have been greatly improved so as to admit vessels of considerable size. Among the buildings are a cathedral, a good church, a theatre, barracks, and several schools, and in the old town is an arch said to date from Claudius II. Several foreign consuls reside in the town. The chief exports are paper, wheat, wine, tobacco, timber, salt, and hemp. There are a Whitehead's torpedo factory, Smith and Meynie's paper-mill, tobacco factories, chemical works, a steam flour-mill, and ship-building, tanning, and rope-making are carried on, and there is a trade in tunnies with Trieste and Venice. The neighbourhood is stony, the climate warm, and good wine is produced.