Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Finlay, George (1799-1875), a historian of Greece from the time of the Roman Conquest downwards. He was born at Faversham, his father being a major of Royal Engineers, and inspector of the Government powder-mills. He was privately educated, and studied law at Gottingen. But now the affairs of Greece absorbed his attention, and in 1823 he went there full of grand ideas as to the freeing and regeneration of the country. In 1826 he took up his abode in Greece almost permanently. In 1829 he bought land in Attica, in order to give his new fellow countrymen the sight of Uieory put into practice. This effort had no result except financial loss to himself, so from that time he resolved to serve Greece with his pen. He wrote Greece under the Bomans, The Byzantine and, Greek Empire, 716-1453, Greece under the Ottomans and Venetians, and the History of the Greek Revolution. He also wrote in the Times, Saturday Review, etc.